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Welcome to ICCS 2013

"Conceptual Structures for Knowledge Representation for STEM Research and Education".

Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (TIFR) Mumbai, India, Jan 10-12, 2013

The 20th International Conference on Conceptual Structures (ICCS 2013) is the latest in a series of annual ICCS conferences that have been held in Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America since 1993. The focus of these conferences has been the representation and analysis of conceptual knowledge for research and business applications. ICCS brings together researchers in information technology, arts, humanities and social science to explore novel ways that can conceptual structures can be employed in information systems.

Arising originally out of the work of IBM in Conceptual Graphs, over the years ICCS has broadened its scope to include a wider range of theories and practices, among them Formal Concept Analysis, Description Logics, the Semantic Web, the Pragmatic Web, Ontologies, Multi-agent Systems, Concept Mapping, and more. Accordingly conceptual structures represent a family of approaches that builds on the successes of artificial intelligence, business intelligence,  computational linguistics, conceptual modeling, information and web technologies, user modeling, and knowledge management.

ICCS 2013's theme is "Conceptual Structures for Knowledge Representation for STEM Research and Education".

This edition of ICCS is held in parallel with fifth epiSTEME conference and is organized by the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education.